The volcano near Fagradalsfjall has awakened again. We in Fjallakofanum, The Mountain Hut, encourage all that intend to do the hike to check the weather in advance and keep in mind that the hike is quite long and in a mountain area. The hike to the eruption itself is about 7 km each way, with a 300 m incline. It takes approximately 2 hours to hike each way. It is still possible to hike the Langihryggur viewpoint, and observe the eruption from a safe distance. That is a quick and easy hike, but the eruption is quite far away. Please check the Safe Travel website for updated information about the weather and conditions near the volcano.

If you intend to do the hike, make sure that you have the right gear and that you are well rested.

Most importantly, be safe and enjoy the hike!

Here is an equipment list for all the necessary gear you need for a long hike, in difficult terrain, where one can expect rapid weather change. Click the link to get further information:



No cotton clothing

If you are travelling with a toddler, these child carriers might be helpful.

Have a safe journey!